Technograze System

Merino ewes are ideal for the Techno system

Rotational grazing pays dividends in dry spring

The intensive rotational grazing “Technograze” systems installed at Petali since 2004 were a real advantage during the dry spring of 2012 (40% less rain than Avg).

Ewes & lambs have been grazing 2-3.5t/Ha dry matter on a 60 day rotation & moved 3 times per week; Mon morning/Wed mid-day/Fri afternoon. Mobs of 350-450 ewes plus lambs graze on each 30Ha “system” which comprises 24 paddocks of 1.25Ha.

Fertilizer rates are 150kg single super equivalent every 2nd year plus selenium. Worm burdens, including Barbers Pole, are not significant under this rotation.


All Stud lambs individually tested for worm egg counts (WEC)

At weaning the stud Merino & White Suffolk lambs are then set-stocked to achieve a necessary challenge to complete individual worm egg counts. The average mob count in 2012 for the Merino ram weaners was over 2500 & individual sheep ranged from zero to 25,520 epg! We want both Resistance & Resilience to worms by selecting good doing, high growth sheep with low WEC.


MLA Prograzier story on Technograze at Petali 

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