Petali Poll Merinos Ram Sale hits $4,000

Repeat buyers from the local district and strong support from online bidders saw the Petali Poll Merinos Ram Sale record a strong average and $4,000 top near Walcha on Thursday … Read more

Lucy Kinbacher, The Land, 7.2.19


Increasing Genetic Gain using Ram Lambs

Using ram lambs is allowing the Oppenheimer family to accelerate genetic improvement in their Poll Merino commercial flock at Petali, Walcha … Read more

Ruth Schwager, The Land, 11.1.19


New genetics performing for all

Petali Poll Merino Stud at Walcha has produced one of the leading sires in the recent National Merino Sire Evaluation program. Petali Poll 150697 appears in an elite group of sires in the AMSEA evaluation that feature in all four major index rankings, 150697 has also been selected as a “Link Sire” for the 2019 evaluations across Australia. Petali Principal Martin Oppenheimer said it was important to recognise the new genetics that were performing for breeders. “We sold 150697 at our 2017 on-property ram sale, as part of our policy to offer the best genetics we can for clients”, said Mr Oppenheimer. “We keep very few rams and use sires as ram weaners in our commercial flock matings and can therefore offer the best rams for sale. The genetics for the future are productive sheep with high quality fibre, and they must be easier to manage, with fly and worm resistance, plus more early growth, fat and especially muscle.” According to Mr Oppenheimer: “These sheep pack their own lunch and require less feed and treatments.”

Country Leader, 14.1.19


Petali Poll Merinos hit $6,700

Petali Poll Merinos topped at $6,500 at the stud’s 23rd on property sale near Walcha where repeat volume buyers put a strong floor in the market … Read More

Vernon Graham, The Land, 9.2.18


Petali White Suffolk rams to $1600

White Suffolk rams topped at $1,600 at the Petali stud annual on property sale at Walcha on Thursday … Read More

Vernon Graham, The Land, 9.2.18


Genomics work at Petali

Petali Poll Merinos & White Suffolks sheep studs at Walcha are using the latest genomic technology for faster and more accurate selection. Stud Principal Martin Oppenheimer says early selection using genomics means faster genetic gains are possible. “We are currently tissue-sampling our top 200 ram weaners to have full genomic Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV’s) available at six months of age”, Mr Oppenheimer said. “This means we can mate more young sires and retain less mature sires. Clients have access to the new Genomic data on all auction sale Petali rams. It is a win-win situation as we’re using better sires earlier and able to sell better one year old sires to clients. Accuracy of the data has improved plus we now have ASBV’s on hand to measure traits such as meat eating quality.” The fast rate of genetic change now being achieved at Petali means rams can sometimes be “out of date” at three years of age. “We are using more ram lambs as sires and turning them over quickly”, Mr Oppenheimer said. “We are making big changes in important traits that increase profits and reduce cost of production. In the poll merinos, traits such as early growth, high fleece weight, more fat and muscle, less breech wrinkle, are important. In the white suffolks the important traits are low birth weight, early growth, moderate fat, more muscle. Worm resistance, number of lambs weaned and meat eating quality are needed for both breeds. Returns are currently very good in our sheep enterprises, yet we still need to push productivity, product quality and reduce cost of production.”

Country Leader, 15.1.18


Petali Genetics: Walcha Merino & White Suffolk breeder Martin Oppenheimer Looks to the Future

Change is a word not lost on Martin Oppenheimer. “Being sheep producers we’ve had to change,” he says. “We were once wool producers and focused totally on wool. Now it is kilos of wool, kilos of lamb, and turning them off early … ” Read More

James Wagstaff, The Weekly Times, 12.7.17


Future Trends Feature at Petali

Petali Poll Merino and White Suffolk sheep studs at Walcha have had another successful year by concentrating on future demand trends … Read More

Carolyn Millet, Northern Daily Leader, 6.1.17

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