About Petali White Suffolks

White Suffolks 12.1.15 1

Flock  23 0753

OJD Monitored Negative MN3

Accredited Brucellosis Free

Footrot Free declared

LAMBPLAN registered

Full pedigree & performance recorded

 200 Stud White Suffolk Ewes



To breed White Suffolk rams suited to be mated with merino, crossbred or composite ewes for easy lambing, fast growing and high value prime lamb production.

Selection Traits

  • Low Birth Weight
  • High Lambing Ease
  • Moderate Fat
  • High Early Growth
  • Good Muscle
  • Worm Resistance & Resilience

Genetic Trends

Petali White Suffolk Genetic Trends

2015 Sires

2015 Drop White Suffolk Sires

AI Sires

Petali White Suffolk AI Sires



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