Merinoselect-ASBV-LogoSheep Genetics (SG) is the largest and most comprehensive across flock sheep genetic benchmark in the world.

Merinoselect serves the wool and sheepmeat industry based on the merino & Lambplan provides data services for the prime lamb breeds.

There is significant overlap in carcase & disease traits which are common to both, still, caution is needed when comparing different breeds of sheep.

Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV’s) are the common genetic language used.

ASBV’s are provided in the Petali Poll Merino catalogue for these important traits:


YCFW – Yearling Clean FLEECE WEIGHT (%)

Rams with higher YCFW ASBVs produce progeny that will produce more wool fibre.

YFD – Yearling FIBRE DIAMETER (um)

Rams with more negative YFD ASBVs produce progeny which produce a lower fibre diameter wool.

YSL – Yearling STAPLE LENGTH (mm)

Rams with more positive YSL ASBVs produce progeny that will produce longer wool fibre length.

 YSS – Staple Strength (N/Kt)

Rams with more positive YSS ASBVs produce progeny that have higher N/kt.


YWT – Yearling Body WEIGHT (kg) or GROWTH

Rams with higher YWT ASBVs produce progeny that grow faster & are heavier as a yearling.

YFT – Yearling FAT Depth (mm)

Rams with more positive FAT ASBVs produce progeny that are fatter. Fat is positively associated with higher reproduction rates, greater lamb & weaner survival. Ewes also lose less weight when nutrition is restricted.

YEMD – Yearling Eye MUSCLE Depth (mm)

Rams with more positive EMD ASBVs will produce progeny that have more muscle, independent of weight, plus higher lean meat yields.Muscle is positively associated with worm resistance, higher staple strength, higher body condition & more twins.


PWEC Worm Egg Count (%)   Note PWEC is used as this is the age when tested

Rams with more negative WEC ASBVs produce progeny who have a higher genetic potential to resist worm burdens. WEC ASBV’s estimate an animal’s genetic ability for carrying worm burdens – a combination of being genetically less likely to pick up worms (resistant) and being able to cope immunologically with worm burdens (resilient). WEC ASBVs are expressed as a % relative to a count of 500 epg.


Estimates the breech wrinkle score for animals at lamb marking. This is an extremely important trait for Non-Mulesed flocks.


Other traits are measured or scored at Petali including Breech Cover & Dag

More informationcan be found on the Merinoselect website

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