About Petali Poll Merinos


Flock 60 1279

OJD Monitored Negative MN3

Accredited Brucellosis Free

Footrot Free declared


Full pedigree & performance recorded

650 Poll Merino Ewes

Average Micron: 17.2 (Adult) 15.2 (Hogget)



To breed balanced Poll Merino genetics that produce heavy fleece weights of elite fibre plus sheep & lambs with early growth at low cost of production.

Selection Traits

  • Weather proof white wool
  • High fleece weights
  • High weaning rates
  • Less breech wrinkle & dag
  • More early growth
  • More genetic fat
  • More genetic muscle
  • Worm Resistance & Resilience


  • Profitable enterprise
  • Naturally polled sheep for safer handling
  • Cashflow positive with wool & lamb sales
  • No mulesing required
  • Sheep with early growth require less feed, water & treatments
  • Less chemical treatments used

Genetic Trends

Petali Poll Merino Genetic Trends

2015 Sires

2015 Drop Poll Merino Sires

AI Sires

Petali Poll Merinos AI Sires 

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