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“Martin Oppenheimer, Petali Poll Merinos principal, said in the past decade commercial buyer’s need for a dual purpose Merino sheep had become apparent. He said there had been a big push for the lamb & sheep meat side of the business & the Merino enterprise was no longer solely for fibre production. They’re looking for extra emphasis on Growth & traits like Eye Muscle & Fat. Those traits are wanted not only because of potential value in carcase impact, but also because of the impact Fat & Muscle have on the reproduction of Merino ewes. Mr Oppenheimer said producers now looked for a balance where they could maintain their high wool standard, & also produce a heavier cutting Merino to suit meat markets. They want a balance between newer traits as well as productive sheep with good fibre.” The Land, Northern Ram Sales, 7.1.16        


2016 Sale results:

White Suffolks

Offered 60 Sold 60

av $1203 Top $3200

Poll Merinos

Offered 60 Sold 53

Average $1811 Top $4600

Poll Merino
Flock 60 1279

White Suffolk
Flock 23 0753

OJD Monitored Negative 3

Accredited Brucellosis Free

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