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Increasing Genetic Gain using Ram Lambs

Using ram lambs is allowing the Oppenheimer family to accelerate genetic improvement in their Poll Merino commercial flock at Petali, Walcha … Read more

Ruth Schwager, The Land, 11.1.19

New genetics performing for all

Petali Poll Merino Stud at Walcha has produced one of the leading sires in the recent National Merino Sire Evaluation program. Petali Poll 150697 appears in an elite group of sires in the AMSEA evaluation that feature in all four major index rankings, 150697 has also been selected as a “Link Sire” for the 2019 evaluations across Australia. Petali Principal Martin Oppenheimer said it was important to recognise the new genetics that were performing for breeders. “We sold 150697 at our 2017 on-property ram sale, as part of our policy to offer the best genetics we can for clients”, said Mr Oppenheimer. “We keep very few rams and use sires as ram weaners in our commercial flock matings and can therefore offer the best rams for sale. The genetics for the future are productive sheep with high quality fibre, and they must be easier to manage, with fly and worm resistance, plus more early growth, fat and especially muscle.” According to Mr Oppenheimer: “These sheep pack their own lunch and require less feed and treatments.”

Country Leader, 14.1.19

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Petali Poll Merino 150697

Balanced Production, PP, Worm Resistant, Modern Merino

Poll Merino Ram Sale 2017 Martin Oppenheimer; David Gowing, Glenleigh; David Hallam, Jemalong Wool; Tom Henry, Elders (Top Price $7,000) Photo: The Land

Martin Oppenheimer holding Petali Poll Merino 150697 at the 2017 Petali Ram Sale; David Gowing, Tamworth; David Hallam, Jemalong Wool; Tom Henry, Elders Walcha

150697 makes Top 50 All Time Lists in 4 Indexes:

DP+   Rank 30 out of 742 Sires

MP+  Rank 24 out of 875 Sires

FP+    Rank 21 out of 719 Sires

WP+  Rank 24 out of 878 Sires

Petali Poll 150697, Sheep Genetics









2019 Sale results:

White Suffolks

Rams: Av $827  Top $1100

Poll Merinos

Rams: Av $2047  Top $4000


Poll Merino
Flock 60 1279

White Suffolk
Flock 23 0753

OJD Monitored Negative 3

Accredited Brucellosis Free

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